Common Emergencies

Signs/Symptoms of Infection And Other Emergencies

Dental trauma is common. And a fast response with necessary treatment can provide relief.

Broken Tooth

Eating, biting, chewing, or clenching your teeth can cause a tooth to break or fracture. On occasion, a sports injury or random accident can result in a broken tooth.

You won’t always feel pain. A broken or fractured tooth requires attention as soon as possible to avoid further damage or eventual decay.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Find your tooth first! Then immediately contact our dental office in El Dorado for information about handling your tooth and next steps.

Infection, Swelling, Pain, Or Bleeding

These are often symptoms of deeper problems. A warm salt water rinse can provide relief. It’s essential that you contact us for an examination before the infection and other symptoms worsen.

A Toothache Or General Mouth Pain

Tooth, gum, or general mouth pain are signs that something is not right. Gently rinse your mouth or floss the area carefully to dislodge any potential irritation. Contact us to schedule an examination if the pain persists.

Loose Or Lost Dental Crown Or Dental Filling

How it was lost isn’t the issue. What’s important is replacing it. Contact our dental office to determine your next step.

Contact our El Dorado dental office, Ziese Family Dentistry, about your dental emergency. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible.