Protect Your Teeth, Gums, and Mouth with Mouthguards

An active or athletic lifestyle can be risky for your oral health. A custom-fitted mouthguard is effective for protecting your teeth and gums during contact sports.

Custom Is Best

Keep in mind that over-the-counter mouthguards have limitations. Fit and security issues are common. A professional, custom-fitted mouthguard will stay secure and provide optimum protection for your teeth, gums, tongue, and lips.

Another Risk Reduced

Concussions are common during sports. Research indicates that a secure, custom-fitting mouthguard can help reduce your concussion risk.

Custom-fitted mouthguards are often designed to prevent jaw movement. The upward impact on your jaw might not be prevented by an over-the-counter mouthguard.

Contact your El Dorado dentist, Dr. Siri Ziese, DDS, at Ziese Family Dentistry about a custom-fitted mouthguard. Ask us about their benefits during your next dental appointment.