Digital X-rays

Dental Technology That’s Accurate…And Safe

Accuracy is vital when diagnosing the condition of your teeth and gums. Digital x-rays provide an accurate and safe diagnosis of your current dental health.

Safety First

Digital x-ray technology is safe. In fact, it provides you with less exposure to radiation that’s common with traditional x-rays. And digital technology is safer for the environment by reducing paper and chemical use.

Save Time

Images provided by digital x-rays are immediately viewable. This allows Dr. Ziese and her team the opportunity to discuss your x-rays chair side without a wait. Digital images can also be forwarded electronically to specialists (if necessary) and to insurance providers for faster claim filing.

Contact your El Dorado dentist, Dr. Siri Ziese, DDS, at Ziese Family Dentistry to schedule your next examination. Ask about digital x-rays.