Dental Bridges

Restore Your Confidence With A Secure Tooth Replacement

Oral health issues are created when you lose a tooth. A dental bridge fills your missing tooth gap and restores your tooth function along with your confidence to smile.

Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement

One or more missing teeth can do damage to your surrounding teeth and gums. Your smile, facial muscles, and overall facial features are affected too.

  • A dental bridge looks natural in your mouth. Your missing tooth or teeth are replaced. The treatment also helps prevent damage to your adjoining teeth caused by shifting.
  • A dental bridge enables you to bite, chew, and smile confidently. Facial features are restored as well by filling the missing tooth gap(s).

Savings And Long-Term Function

Your healthy, surrounding teeth are supported when your tooth gap is filled with a bridge. Your dental bridge is custom-crafted to fit and blend with your existing teeth.

The type of bridge treatment and your tooth loss condition determines the cost. Your dental bridge can be fixed or removable. Count on your bridge lasting many years with proper care and follow-up.

Contact your El Dorado dentist, Dr. Siri Ziese, DDS, at Ziese Family Dentistry about your missing tooth or missing teeth. Schedule a consultation and oral examination to discuss tooth replacement solutions including a dental bridge.

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